Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How could an individual exceed the limit

I have never wanted to be part of a two on one. Yes I can see the attraction of those that would paddle their boats in alternity.  Now it may be very progessive and world changing to expect like Ranger Lothbrok that you could have damesi in every respect, As this series expects you to do think about the way,
we see women and just do not give them credit everyday. Rangar Lothork who could not read an write gave humanity more respect than the republicanism who I say without prejudice by evidence are the borg

The world is built upon Gilligans Island do not fake me
If your a critic you have a a limited life span
so who takes that job, I guess its me.

I will say all political parties are filled with filth
that is the normal way.
We got the filth of humanity
pointing us in the right way

How could I be so cynical
we have no more slavery
that is the right way
We see Gays and other
people who do not
meet our meter as normal
as usual freaks
You can not mount
a forceful attack upon the
ballasts of reality
like they have for
a century
Rejoice human
there is some intelligence
the clouds of climate change
will not change our stance
and we will save humanity
regardless of stupidity.

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