Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Art of War

This is a truth of 6000 years of history we have embraced. If combat is envitable it works well but what about peace? Smart monkeys as we are we know the first instict is to beat the brains out of the opposition.  But that result is not moving forward in any actual event. So lets just spill our guts before the CIA does the same somewhat. The future is here, anything we could imagine in our youth is now here for people to market and serve to the populations needing relief.

The question that should be on every glad hand
is can the world sustian all the people
you have on the master plan.

I do not have a great footprint around
size ten in the master plan
but all those size thrirteen
that have sprung up in the last half
century will need some kind of accomindation
I give this warring to the masters of the universere
you think you can control shoe size
you will be the first on the bonfire
when we hit the great fail.

Backpedeal now
tell the world what
will happen if you fail
there will be a panic
but at least you
got a couple of weeks
to stock up the cellar well

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