Thursday, 3 April 2014

Invisible Hand Masturbators

( I love the question. This is an intellectual exercise. There is an M in goverment, so his reference to the Market tells me he believed in big goverment) 

Their ejaculation is profit. Their porn is screwing the holi poli for hard earned income. There was a time when merely viewing the vacuuming of disposable income was good enough. But today the big hard on is for quasi monopolies and bound necessities like water, power, transport and waste.

Unsafe at any speed. The X cars. Its not like GM had no warning bad engineering could lead to unnecessary deaths. Just one of these near death experiences should have changed GM into Volvo North America.  What level of rot exists in corporate America that the $0.57 death panel wins the argument?

Fukushima, Enron, Duke Energy and the list of corporate immunity charge preps go on and on and on. Love Canal is now a honeymoon destination for those who want to take a chance on good mutations. Monsanto has a near monopoly on something as insignificant as the food supply. Government which once was universally admired as a defence against these proxies of Neo Nobility,  is now a leading cheerleader.

Its never to late. WAKE UP ZOMBIES!!!

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