Tuesday, 8 April 2014

On being timeless

I paint a picture that is muddled off colour and even befuddled. I do not accept the world the way it is. Those who thought we could ignore slavery are still in charge and they use the same old skills to make what should be a simple a victory something that causes good thinking citizens to think they are on the cusp of some victory for those that would deceive.

We live in a world where facts are used
as a weapon to give the writers of the same
a heart attack

No matter what Ayn Rand or Adam Smith said
there is a kind of reality compnet
that one would of freard and the other just said
hey I never imagined the goverment
would interfere with what I said
but on the otherhand I never thought
so many lobbyist
would use my words
to make their special interests
mock the words
me without the knowledge of modern economics

We are fucked
we are humans
this is our discovery
form which I am sure
at one time during our
life cycles
the great apes fled.

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