Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Pono Player

I lived through all the technical wonder of  advancing Hi Fi. The CD (16 Bit 44 hrz) turned out to be a barrier to further advancement that has been very difficult to breach. Neil Young is making a spirited try and breaking down the walls of technology and commerce that have kept musical masterpieces largely unavailable. Yes you can download FLAC 32 bit 194 Hrz files today. But its the equivalent of having a reel to reel in 1977.

Hopefully the Pono Player will be successful. A huge part of this would be for the record companies to give us a break. Any music older than twenty years should be sold at cost plus 10%. If I buy a HD download for some music I will have bought the 45, LP, eight track, cassette and CD version already. Enough is Enough!

I am full of confusion because science says the Pono is bullshit. Its the source material that need to be better not the player. 16 bit 44 Krz is all we need,

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