Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why History is not important to the important

Custer at West Point looks like a fairy to me

Look at history from every angle
that there is 
and you will see the individual
that thought themselves a fulcrum
or the millions that will
die for that lever
are swept away to dust
in the small eternity
we call history

But if we want to make
our temporal lives
better the advice
about not repeating
is relevant
but the great
sow confusion
to keep that
theorem from
ever becoming

history is not 
a biography of great
no matter how many
scribes have been 
hired to make
that pen
ink the past

history is the collective
actions of men
and what about the animals
do you not think the Buffalo
today know 
about the extiction
of yesterday

Fuck time is what I say. Great events that change everthing I doubt did diddly squat in the long term. I hope 911 is part of that package

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