Monday, 20 March 2017

Animie Japanese culture and the rest of Asia

For c
enturies the old white people
said that asians where monkies
who could never understand
now that they have mastered
that and sell us every
possible powered device
we should admit our
overwhelming huburis
advice failed

Yeah Asians are the
most visible refection
of human evolution
on this planet
and its going to be
a lynard sknyard
plane crash for
the rednecks of
this world
slanty eyes
are aryan
if you are talking
about race

Processing thought and information
is the key to accomplishment
and every bred of human
takes a differant path
when it comes to
The west are all stoners
when it comes to the east
and we freeded them
to think past
the last forcast
now that
they are plugged into
the sixth astro plane
all the bad software
will seem like a
bad trip to
the highest spire
and if the Chinese
I fear enuches will
be doppleganers
in the rule
of the world

Asian got something
on all of us
what they lack
is the animal
and thank\
I got my skills
which mean
nothing against a
fusion weapon
but at least
I will do
a bloodless
making the message
you can never be
to careful
when death
from above

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