Sunday, 12 March 2017

Divide and conquer merge and rule

Takeovers and mergers
promise great synergy
and wasting transaction
all good under heaven
but always creating
little bits of hell
and usually ending
in tears for both
who get nervous
reading the load strain
on the foundation

Takeovers are an end
to sleepovers
and other childhood
totems of a perfect
and we can add
to the list
high fidelity
Band and Oflusteen
is now Samsumg
its like Rolls Royce being
bought by VW
oh wait that already
happened in cars

Bang and Olfsteen
epitomized perfection
at any cost and
cost was no object
in the creation
of alien
towers and cavities
that produced sound
and looked
like the future
had dropped
some produce
into downtown

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