Thursday, 23 March 2017

Snow Mexicant Daily Diary is Comey stranger than J Edger edition

When all the dog whistles
play betvoveen you
know its an opera
and that's what is
going on in Washington 

Trump was survellied 
now was it just part of
the Clinton Russia
lets get more downers
in Ukraine outreach
or was it a sitting 
President authorising
a illegal wiretap 
of his successor
I think the later
but there is no
way this bubble
ever comes
to surface
the dealmaking
under the water
will make the Trump brand
number one in every

If you want to kill the king
you better be sure
your crossbow is
pure and not tainted
with ambition
and affiliation
with power
and money
or ignore that regard
and make sure
you strike the chord
that the band
can play]
well enough
that no one questions
as the body
is taken

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