Sunday, 5 March 2017

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Jewish Cemetary Editon

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I was once so very young
and prone to just do anything
and while I never did
toppling headstones
might have been a kick
but I never did
because it would be
so wrong
I knew dead people
and have they not already
suffered enough

As the ooze starts to leak
from the primordial swamp 
that Trump is filling up
lets realise
we all should agree
on certain salient
like gravity
use it as a starting point
and work backwards
to the point where
reality distortion 
is possible
because so
far we cant build
castles in the sky
but we can appreciate
that every human
so far is going to die
and they had fathers
and mothers daughters
and sons
brothers and sisters
and friends
who laughed so hard
liquids sprouted from the nasal

Humanity is an enterprise that
has no embarrassment 
no shame
because anything that
has been done
will be done
by anyone
that's a fact
you cant fake
news that

Now like children
we continue to grow up
as a society and are getting
very close to propriety
now that the majority
knows that we are
all the same under the sun
and its only the man
that want to play
games filed with illusions
and prestidigitation
that prove forever
they are number 

So brothers and sisters
of every stripe and sexual
religious and cultural orientation
lets embrace each other
with love and defeat the man
who tells us always
its a voice from above
we must listen too
while we on the ground
grind it out every day
to make those that can 
hear Gods voice
when really if you
translate all the messages
using math
the truth
is all they are
is let them
eat cake

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