Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Trade Dealine 2017 Montreal Canadiens Edition

I am happy with what we got, I would have liked to seen Vanish but that is hard man to see. We are MOAR bigger, Rollo will not let anyone run TFS without executing the blood eagle at center ice. We had way to many smurfs. GHetto was another player who never got a full shot, but lets up we now can bring up CH who at the AHL level anyway is a superstar. Our game plan as always is to win one nothing, and as I have said many times if you ever played civilization it is way easier to prevent goals than score them. So we have a team of punishers, nasty, mean dirty, who open up little gunports for our three snipers to fire through. Its a valid plan to win the cup

I just have to make a Taboo ref " I got a use for you" Today Marc confirmed he will eat human flesh to win the Stanley cup.

Vanish went to Florida. He will do well there because he does not need sunscreen, when your invisible the Sun is just a big bright light in the sky

Dealine is another trademark copywright word I invented please pay me as I need the money
Dealine, the bottom line made at a deadline to make a deal

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  1. That dealine © steve was boring as fuck

    Big Bird's mustache is anything but boring