Monday, 20 March 2017

Hard men with no reason for no reason

We have become a society
consumed by fear
because the forces
that be
have made us 
ignorant for 
their own purposes
which are to rule
in a land where
a single point
IQ with a dowry
can rule
the world
as it was at is everwas
and if you watch Blacksails
the ignorant pirates wonder
if a world where slavery
and fuck your bride before
the wedding day is 
not God's will

The only things to really
fear in this world
are Maltahusan horrors
in which he was 
prescient just a couple of
centuries off

Next and totally under
control are nuclear
exchanges that go 
out of control

Other than that
we are on the fast
track and there
is nothing but
blue skies ahead

So all the hard men
should just take
all their gay anger
and wash it 
away in a bathouse
of their own choosing.

Hard men are no longer
human they have baked
to long in the high adrenaline
sun and
their DNA
has become
and easily hacked
when patriotism
is a given
blowback hack

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