Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Been a long time in insect years

Everything we talk about or do not tweet is pure bullshit 
like every human discussion. Its just how much bullshit
can be harvested to make product. I am making tons of product by have no buyers. I always think my product is new on the market and yet to be discovered. I know it primo grass
that if purchased will bring happiness.

So as usual I wrote it down with divine inspiration. Cause I am a God. Everyone is God, its not like everyone is Neegan, no its more personal and we have to stop denying
space to the squirrels we run over on the leafy streets
of Westmount and every leafy borough in the world.

Winter is coming and if we are all truly trees
when we drop our leaves
it could be a Boston like 
long time
before the music plays
to indicate
we have
after all

Steve the Jones Spaceman dropout

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