Friday, 9 September 2016

I resist the entertianment wonderwall

First of all the label on the front
beats the actor on the back
in almost every duel
a bad actor can be carried far by
a great script
but a great actor
can not overcome
pure shit

More and more comic book crap
comming out of the industries ass
as they seek to get a nickel internationally
on the dvd
cause the audience they seek
has no blu ray let alone 4k

Netflicks Narcos is a case in point
it was just so derivitave I could
not continue
despite the fact it was well produced
and historical
it just repeats depressing facts
and not allicogrical at all

The Strain in season three has let me down
MR robot season two is like a college exam
Hey Mr Hollywood ever heard of David Brin
Endymoon or Peter F Hamilton. I could go on
and on about great stories
but I know its like everything else
just wishful thinking
without foundation
in the reality distortion field
because who wants
to exercise their brain
when you can laugh
at honey boo bo

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