Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Upstream Color not enough pallete I am afaid

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ndng ng Hi Alien overload

I have a friend who is a character from a Cavil novel. He introduced me to Mick Jaggers girlfriend and all I could do was the chicken dance.
His worst job was working on a Pineapple plantation in Hawaii. His best job doing something in the Pines. The place even 20 years ago was on lockdown 24 seven and its worse now. Some Muslim hoe trying to give him Aids for Allah is how he last described it.

He was there for two years and the visitor log registers 600 visitors to his gated community. To the best of my knowlege he is still single today. Maybe that experience ruined him for life. That's why he is investing heavily in the WESTWORLD SELF ACTIVATION DEVICE its an app on every cell phone. Alienn I have been married for 35 years to one of the most beautiful girls in the world. You talk about beauty and you know nothing John Snow. Beauty is a sunrise where we are both animals
and there is n o plastic, no face origami floating around like bad paper.
There is just you and her boggled eyed and to close for any comfort\
making goo goo eyes and y9r brain telling you its alright. Its alright to love this body, this face this mind, knowing in the back of your mind it happened way below what Pareto told us was the golden ratio.

Alien I am trying to say something. Its all fucking fake but its real
and in any situation we can move towards salvation
just understanding what is real.

Okay maybe Job has more experience
and God was talking to him
maybe I was not as fortunate
as Jonah to be spit out by a whale
but I have lived
a testament
and it tells a tale
glood or bad
wrong or write
sign lauguews
whow knows
we must figjht
fithtr fight for
knowing every other
useless mind in the pig pen
would never figure oujt
Upstream Color

We can not all go to buring man
but I believe Upstream color 
maybe that is my calling to be
an upstra[p g9 guide guide
my bar will not disappear
is the nickel on the dime.
wow I juist went upstream
thinkingaboot that fate

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