Saturday, 21 May 2016

I got solutions for eveything

First of all we have to curtail expolding populations who are culturaly
accomidated with a handout. Thats not like putting out ratfood instead give rat LS42. If humans know two children will survieve unless they are game of thrones gods they will survive. Taking the name forward is totally pointless, as history does not remeber most names at all.
The world has a footprint. We are the 6th civilization to realize that scientificaly.
Herr Malthous did it in his mind a long time ago and he was centruiris off
Which all you fucking ego misters should realize, in  time your forgotten.

Second we have to curtail the wealth gravity situation.  Money comes to money and you do not have to be Adam Smith to realize that. So lets spread some cash around and create a healty society were the wealthy can still be wealty. I am not talking about Venezalua, no Sweden.

Stop carbon dead, we do not need it at all, we are big boys now and could drive hydrogen cars,.

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