Monday, 30 May 2016

Golden Age Memories?

Life for the human animal on this earth
measured by the mean for millions if not billions
of years
has been
brutish nasty and short

Perhaps teh epitomy of hypocrats
Winston Chirchill said of the British Empire
its greatest achievements
via the navy which brought
it no setting sun
Rum Sodomy and the Lash

I was born in 1958
a love child of the
Hungarian uprising
God obviously did
not want me to be
a communist
cause he raised
me from birth in Canada

At the time of my revolutionary birth
the average lifespan for a white man
in America was 66 years.
Today I am 57 and like so many
of my peer could whip the ass
of most 30 year olds from 1957
in any competition you might image
fists fo fury
fire on ice
or just better ways
to make love
and give birth

Today the average lifespan for men in Canada
is moving towards 90 years
in Amerrica its a bit c complicated
as they are already in the opening
stages of civil war

Just to make life simple
I have 30 more years to 
fuck around now
then when I was born
and for a mortal
that is golden

My children both born
in 1992 will they also see
a leap to 120 
and play in the NHL until
Who fucking realy knowns
but the one thing we can all
see is that 50 is old no more
its a lifestyle choice

DNA science brings us franken fish
and mutated crops
looking like huge profits
and rule of the 
way to a mans heart
through his stomach
and I must disgress
that may be the most sexist
thing ever said
men care way more about the
cock and the brain
than the stomach
even the guys 
pushing 350

Why does a turtle live 
a thousand years?
We will know this soon
and be able to design
these jeans
and our asses
will be tight
and the Kardashians
will fail
cause everyone
who wants to look
that stupid
can do it on trial
and I am still not
Gay, so I do not understand
strainght people doing anal

Dolphin people and
crocidile psycpaths
will fill the tabliods
as crazy people
grow fantasy crops
from sciences toil
and in the same breath
they fly with DNA 
they will put scientest
to death
because they  protest
to much

this is the human condition
pyshopathic intellitent
silver back powered
with the femes
the pussy rules

This should have
gone with the science
and left back the ways
and means

I cant imagine how
the pre civs that existed
in Scandivavi, Mesoptiania
and what we call South America
self destructed
but as we can see
they did not leave
any big bomb pieces
which is to be expected
cause a million years
could have passed between
each epoch
and all we have left as
evidence in impossible stone engierrring
crystal skull
and hyroglipichs

Word of mouth dont work so
well when desrcibing
a billion nanometers

It works great when telling
stories about Gods
who walked and water
flew they skies
and could print food'
for the masses

One incandestent bulb bringing light on its
own a trillion leave mankind left befhind
so lets all go LED
and save this worthy civiliization
filled with mostly friends
and enimies
would never exist
if we could all just break bread
on any day
with out starvation
the other 7

lets sweep away with math
all the nonesene
there is not afro american solution
to two plus two
their is no Muslim Pie
there is no christion
let alone manifest destiney
that is clearly a lie

Stop the lies
save the civillization
trust the future to scientest and beaurocrats
because the politains
have filled their pockets
with gold and 
will be the first to sink
when the oceans
come to be the wons
to be told
cant be told

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