Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Grey Class

I am proudly 57 years old
and I would not take a day away
and sure I made bad choices
in the margins
but nothing like 
investeing it Northern Telecom
which tured my life upside down
but no matter
being rich 
I dont give  afuck
or maybe half a one

It happened I died on the stock 
market I was a muppet lead 
willinginly to slaugher
so have no sympathy for me
as I sturggle to  fill my pool
with bath salts
and not drink the water
making me officialy
NCR insane

Not Crimanily Responible
is bullshit
what is worth saving
we are so nuts
shoot that fucker
like a damage dog]
there is no way in any
world he worthwile
but that is just an aside
its not a real problem
we can handle 
this with our excellent justice
which is what we all need/
instead of the man
beating a drum to keep the
tigers away

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