Friday, 20 May 2016

Arbos know best

If you believe in science
which is a loaded statement
right from the start
because more accuartly
it should be stated
do you believe in math
if it can be mathimatical proven
its likely reality'
but the proof keep changing
nevertheless we know they
are on the right course

Humans are now proven to
be mathamacticaly programable
and its a way to control the species
way cheaper and more effective than
but the model and the thought process
have the same geniss
and why would any human
want to enslave another
excpet they had no idea how
to love
a natrual pyso

I see a future where there is a test
and we put down this menance
until we meet an alien civilization
and relize in order to survieve
natural selection was best.

We live in a golden age my friends
and its about to turn to lead
due to human

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