Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Phone wants me

lights are flashing
and I feel the buzz
my phone is trying
to get some love
and communication
did I not just shut it

Nevermind there is a new picture
of food on line
but I prefer buildings
why does no one ever
post there

but still I am transfixed by kittens
and dogs that can talk
and giant rodent
guinua pigs

meanwhile the world keeps spinning
with quartaly plans and results
reaching economies of scale
and the last deriviate squezzed
like lemon juice
in the land of diminishing returns
artifical juice
not with standing
we are looking at negative growth
except for human maggots who 
are not to blame for just being human
but we got to find a way
to make them usefull
like alumi um
cars or
self driving modules
of faith
where you can prey
on every corner
with no chance of arrest
for imparied
cause yuou have a non 
thinking defence
I was just planting seeds
cause the bible told me
I am a soldier in Gods army\
unhand me sir

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