Friday, 20 May 2016

Alien Abductin without anal probes

Like Pearl harbour she launched a first strike
or maybe considering the situation
it was more a probe
nevertheless a simple poke
broke down all of my defences

Super carrier Steve was sailing along
an ageing target
and wham bam no thank you man
you hit him with a broadside
of sex and drugs

Just to be clear the drugs
were real the sex
and just out of reach
unless time changed
and I was a traveller

Now baby looking back
I want to Analise
and I know all the facts
we should never have met
it was both to our
but the little crack in the
space time continuum
we explicated 
well it was diamond time
and forged
in such heat
I believe its real
and some other people
will be selected
next time

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