Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sometimes something has to be less to be more

But I am all kinds of serious this Superbowl Sunday. The game against Carolina is a Roach test of sensibilities if not intelligence. You have black vs white, hip hop rap alot against country, and I am not talking about the supposed rift between PFK and Patches in the room. I am not talking about the first non dog fighting "black quarterback" Cam Newton. I have always wondered what would have happened if we had drafted OJ. Obviously the shaved ape would be long dismembered and a bloody hockey glove found somewhere. But it would be small and when they did the Cinderella test, it would only fit DDD.

What I am talking about is the lizard brain ability to live in a constant state of disbelief. This is what makes the fans rise when a team with no hope goes on a march. Its like we all expect the Black Knight in Monty python to recover from his flesh wounds in time for the big joust, and win the rose and live happily ever after with the 19 year old princess though he be well over fifty.

I am talking about the trouble with Kansas here. For which our tank is a real life metaphor. We know tanking is our only hope, yet we want to win so bad we will commit slow suicide in lou of instant gratification beating down the downtrodden who share our foxhole. Bob Dylan expressed the sentiment this way " those who want to pull you down into the hole they are already in"

Everybody knows where the foot came from. The Anglos with all their asshattery decided it was a system of measurement. The French with their love of a good idea went all metric. How can EMty be French, his last good idea was to stop saying his players where the worst at something in the world, but yet we know he still thinks that way. If only he could skate shoot and score he would be able to explain the incomprenible mess that is his brain on ice.

Back to foot prints which are used to identify babies, I do not know who choose thats not a finger paint on the document but sigh, I cant explain everything and most people do not care why. The big footprint is the one you leave on the planet. Giants of there times have stomped the land, crushing or impressing there peers in titanic accomplishments. Yet in his most poetic moment they are as George W Bush said in history all dead. If a person is a drop in the ocean making a small wave, how many will be a platform to surf? Hardly anyone. How many will create a Tsunami, only the most rare.

Looking back how many hockey players will transcend time. Gretzky for sure even though I hate him cause he thinks Harper had a good stick. The Rocket and that's about it.

Look back a thousand years who stands out. Shakespeare which for me is beyond reason. Another player who struts on the stage full of sound and fury but to me is only puking incomphrensive rap on my lap. Beethoven for sure, and Mozart, are you catching a theme here people, the real hero's are artist. Not generals, not hacks, not manipulators of fact. Sill talking foot prints. How many footprints do you need to smother a planet? Its not an infinite number its a fact of nature.

Global warming deniers and anti tank providers share the same mentality. Sometimes something has to be less to be more.

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