Tuesday, 2 February 2016

If I had an Oyster I would sail her

I would go blue water
and check into every port
and enjoy all the Oyster parties
because I would be the last
one they wanted to sort

If you look on line there are lots
of Oysters for sale
I saw one that looked pretty fine
only 19 years old
but the price tag
seemed astronomical
compared to a
new Barvaria 47
with all the bells and whisles
and push button navigation

Then I looked at displacement
and realized that weight on the ocean
is not a bad thing
it can save your life
cause you do not get thrown
off the top of a wave 50 ft
to your death
as anyone knows
is the worst kind
of sailing experince

You can deploy sea anchors
and other stuff to push the numbers
but in the end
if you go to sea
its a risk
and if your risk adverseve
spend 5 times as much
to achieve

The rich they do not live
like me and you
if they are smart
they do all kinds
of dangerous things
with a huge saftey\
and sailing an OYstery
is a case in point/

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