Sunday, 7 February 2016

Communism has never been tried

Like Harry Potter
the cirumstanc es  have always bee
way in advance
of the power

Communisim is what you do
with your wife  or lover or husband
or best friend

Its human bliss expressed
as an ecomoic system
I think in many ways
its an aborginal system

No one got rich in native
culture or had PSTD
or commited suicide
I admit the whole thing
was a bit fucked up
and centralized
but communism as
written by Lein and Marx
was a prescriuption
to live on the other side
of native lore
with outcome
pre descriebed

Lazy useless people
will alway fill the pipeline of people
the colour is irrelevant
the mindset is all the same
but no one from any culture
wants to wear that name
so like a good coach
provide a way for
me to play and I
will do my best
and in the big schemme of the univers
I just want to live like a human
see my kids have a chance to not only
survieve but to be stars
and I say this fully recognize
this is like beijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
from Biejing during the cultrual revolion
where children put there parents 
to death because
the program was
so abstact

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