Sunday, 7 February 2016

So many ridiculos conversations

Yeah they fill the airwaves and blog spots
destracing the humans from the best news
they ever heard
someone is in love

Reality do not matter
my friends cause
when your in love
eveything is rose
coloured and the little
things that piss you off
are all contained
in a porty potty

I have been in love
so real for such a long time
sometimes the edge
looses sharpness
but when she smiles
at me that special way
I am damasus steel
and I expecpt my life
will continue on this way

For those who have not
meamt the soulmate
contiue your lives
of easy pleasure
but your not going
anywhere in the world
where we must survive

This world is a very harsh
place and we white people have
been master of the universe
for as many centuries latelyu
where thinking was the best

Now others know that to think
is to succed they are wamtiong
to duplicate our lucky success
hey dude surrender
we fucked the planet
and no virgin or
even 72
will change that

We are all Mad Max now
and can we make one
coherrrent  thought
beyond driving our car
till it blows up

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