Monday, 1 February 2016

MY bigest Failure

Yes I am to smart to play the game
but down in t stables cleaing up the
shit is not so satififyig
and who should I explaon
that Jesus never died\
upon the cross
in fact he probably never
he is just the best false flag
you will ever run

All human histroy you can judge
with just one blink Malcom Gadwell
master swordsman

No one tell the truth about anything
thats a face
thats the problem with everything
primates do not lie
they just kill for the t

So lets googl;e this
and become so
whji;e  the Zombies
'band upon the door

Yeah we got a microwave
set upon overdrive
and we are not  willin g to
admit the Germans
'where not all dillbrit

Can I say that online
without being banned
I love the Jewish people
they are the best of the best
at any human dog show
but they pissed upon too
many IRon crosses with
their natutal Siigfeled Irony

Yes I blame Jerry Signgfil;d for the holocust
rotten sense of humar that ,made tjhe Nazi
go on attack. d

So people get ready
for the intersection of survial
and beig a NAZI

The lifeboat is close to full
and sharing our house with a
refugee not going to happen
we are all fucked univeral;y\
cause we could not find human
solutins to a human problem
with0ut resorting human authority
the world is wounded but not
dead embrace that and stop

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