Monday, 1 February 2016

I was so sad about the worlds end but why not turnn it inot the ulltimate party, educational NHILSEM

You know dude
that food is not
releibale and condoms
beyond the pales
if anyone one statved
to the bone
wants sex anyway

Wake up condom manfu
start by telling eveyone
they will not need rubbers
if teh food factory'
fails to have protedcdti9on

I am so derivite
so full of commnon sense
so full of no emplymetn
tthat I want rats
to eat our foudd
b ut no no thats not me
I forgive you idots
I want to live
in humanityhh
'with a big screen tv
and the internet
and thats life about
as perfect as we can do\
if we can findin the collective
w9isdom to stop the rats

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