Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I want to be sedated

I want to be sedatated because overall
I see our collective wisdom just
jumbing like lemmings over
that thousd foot wall

If common sense was a relgion
we would have a choice
but when everyone
has a eagle on their
shield its not going
to be productive conflict

Its abosoluty true
by any accont the death of this
world was when the accounts
take their fees
and the court overturns
that decison
the resposiblity of WHite men

Now people of many colours
do not be so holy
you were just fuck up
that never had the opportinity
cause if you had the chance
the global record proves
you would have done exaclty the
same dance
and we do this over and over
again like groudhog day
until the sun burns out

No one can say
stop we are all fucked up
the lifeboats are full
and no shore in sight
we need a plan

Like their are way to many human
parisites on the planet
we got to go like China
one child black brown green or white
until we are stablized again

We got to stop thinking we
have knowleged that makes us
yes we have the abilty but
the knowleged is sadly lacking

All the tech we have today
could save this planet if
properly applied
but all the tech in the world
will not change human nature

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