Monday, 29 February 2016

It really over and all we can do is cushion the fall

Thomas Mathus is the poster child of crying wolf
but what if he was merely 400 years ahead of his time
and when it comes to making predictions 
its surprising even on a 400 year time scale
how wrong people remain

There is no fucking magic
evidence is bloody in our face everywhere
Iraq, falija, Agansistain Kandahar
the USA and immunisations failure
its more than teh Zika virus
its a failure to understand
we got to live in harmony
and if you only want to play bass
somehow sooner or later
your neighbours will give their
lives to put you down

Inputs and outputs
and energy consumption
its all easily calculated by 
any math major
speaking the language
where lies are wide open
to be challenged as truth
Words lie, but numbers
can only confuse
and in the end
the truth is in a proof

The three laws of thermodynamics
are the only holy language we need
to save the planet from Satan
which I say 
is the invisible hand
the fairy in the sky
that told man
he could never die

the world is a five pound bag
and I did not use Kilo
cause I wanted mericans to understand
if you try and remove 10 lbs of existence from 
it every year
its possible 
in the short term
cause your clever 
at distorting reality 
and stealing the future
by manipulating the past
in the end 
you bag will collapse
and the vacuum will fill
the room
and it will not be a Dyson
thats sucks your life away
it will be starvation, plague
or maybe just a good old
giant wave that takes your land
away for what in human terms
should be considered forever

So Skygod what should we do
listen to gospel radio 
giving us some kind of
jedi mind chants that
make absoulitly no sense
at all
or face the facts
the lifeboats have already
been launched
and as the abandoned
crew the laws of the sea
should apply

On any ship worth
its displacement
every member of the crew
is to some extent critical
and so it goes with the human race
we do not know what person
from our multitude will find
a solution from our seemingly
hopeless place

Candi and Mandela and Martin Luther King
did not free their people alone
they set in motion the freedom
for everything

Lots of old white men and Chinese,
people of all nations joined in the fight
to free humanity of its basic disease
being animal.

Those culled the most are not surprisilngly the best
the Jews
want to learn how to fight
ask a fighter
want to know how not to be exterminated
ask a Jew

I am totally convinced this is the 6th human extinction
and  it seems they had tech that was way ahead of our brands
but maybe they never valued all humans
like we do
and I pray to humanity
we leaned something

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