Tuesday, 19 January 2016

You cant do nothing any more with a digital trail, could it be worse than skynet

Everybody has feeling thay want to
hide some time
mostly stragtic
but could any relationship
stand the test of
total truth

I love so much
I am alive
and when my
gives me that smile
I go into overdrive
on life

Those smile will not
exist with constant monitring'
and human insecurities
we can not be on camera
24 /seve and be human

There are no absoutes
the black and white world
is a fanatssy of meglomaica
who are phyusocit

Intelligeicne is more than smarts

why do I not spell check anymore
cause the world is comming to an end its
the leaset of your problesm and I have only
some many keystrokes till the end
so why waste them

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