Thursday, 21 January 2016

Governing with Faraboichi Rules

We all know the problems
with free will
and animal instincts
so why not just
take natural law
to the eclipse point
and make Pareots proven law
the rule

Intstead of teaching kids
about Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny
tell them the truth
people are evil
and have bad breath
but we want you to
be a Jedi master
are you willing to serve
a dark lord?

We are not all equal
no way far from it
our place in the world
has always been determind
by competition
and the willingness to take
the hits and do the time
to get a black belt

Martial Arts is the study of the ancients
you call them Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Native American
The Japanse and other rejected the gun because they knew
its was not the product that could be inveneted under a farbouchi sun
no it was a disrupter that would give the power
of a millions of years of evolvion into the hands
of humans who cant read

So if you hand dynomite to Wille e Coyote
excpect the world to blow up
in his mindless chase of the roadrunner
and that is exaclty where the world know lies
the roadrunner endlessly trying to keep
and release the coyote
even thought the roadrunner knows
down deep if this project fails
they will have a the least a major flat

To reform the world we need a box
it should be called goverment in a box
and it will not be perfect no it will upset
eveyone of every disection
but the fact that be
is that we now all live
in a box that is getting smaLLER
and sure I have children and care about them
probably thats the only reason I give
a fuck otherwise I would be dancing around the shithous
naked high on some many drugs legal and others that
I would not feel the pain when the whole human shithouse
this time went down in flames

I really feel that sentiment dispite its nihilism
because thats not really how I should fee;
humanituy has done some very good things
especially in understanding the GOD thing.

Maybe perhaps we could push that message and
tell people compared to Farabouchi. Mohammad reeallyu
was the Massage.

No one with an IQ above the draw of an LED
will not recognize we are DERP
Giving up is not a solution what we need
is captian planet.
I would say hey baby what do you need?

It turns out we can live on not very much and
be totally satisfied.
Ever been to vacation at an exotic spot?
Did you drive your car our keep a huge
house refrigrated?
Did the people that serverd you smile
or jerked off to make your toast

So its so easy to be alive
so hard to be dead
but if you cross wires
between the two
you get mass extiction
and right now as far as I can
see that is the train track
for our limited existance eternity

So we need to abandon every other thought
of what is and just go math full thought
case its never proven to let
us find the wrong answer

We are so close to paridise
and living on a golden globe
why do we shit the bed
and for me that is a death offence
just like taking away my oxygen
on a space ship

we got to start sending offenders
into zero atmosphere until they understand
believe in math
or just get spaced

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