Thursday, 21 January 2016

Why not nuke everything and start over?

As craxy as that sounds
I firmley believe I have had
the oppportiuyyty to reaac ccc h
so far they woirop  wooooorld
could find a bette cocccccm,k\
after all who is doing there semem

noot top be stickey

my credibity is creamed
and running down m,y face
and it means nothing
I woulld such oiff harper
to save th plenaet

but thesese human festivals
do not no nothing
yhou fot  got

I am am wwaving
betewone fwth
ang fogfgfg fg
who cares
It make nok diff
what the fk I say
and nothing will every
cc hange
and muy lle
has been so good badc

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