Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I am done lying I do not care what the threat

Born in this green and blue world
a beautiful planet
it seems to anyone
human such a great thing
like diseyland
it has ever fantasy
of a young boy

But now the truth
I must tell
and its going
to make you want
to kill yourself
for the crimes
humanity has created

I know all and have
seen that I cant
do it
I expect no one else
but the weakest will
we have made an mess
and the strongest have
to tell the turth
to begin the cleanup

Every headline is a lie
every study
is paid for
we are living
in hell

We have roughly 6000 years
of human history upon 
which we can depend
or pee urine over
scientific fact

God would not have picke the Jews
for they are small
and inconsiqueal
and not suited for surrvia;
at all
yet they presreved
and as far as I know
have made as a tribe something
beyond human imagination\
for example
Bob Dylan

So if the pen is mightery than the sword
I play the Bob Dylan Card Jew
and your dead
facist pig

That was the world 
 before I was born
when Gullibvers Traveles
could change civilization
and it did
because thinking 
people had a lock 
on the hood.

Nowdays its Chaos\
and no one understands
as simple as how to 
make a profit
or what it means
to be human
if suicide is the 
of choice

When people commit suicde for a cause
its maddnes
but do not dismiss
it as maddness for a cause
cause we all are human
and our wiring has not 
changed over a billion years
and if someone is willinf.
to off oneself for the cause
its time to pay attention
this is more than a simple 

Sure we should not have
surrended to the Kamazaki
but why they did and
what they hoped to gain
needs examination beyond
the devending the homeland game

War what it is good for
War is death and death
and false prophets risking it 
all on a big play

and will the winners go to heaven
I think in no way so

So do not bring me problems 
bring me solutions is the 
worse leaders fault
and I say
lets all be hippies
and love a lot
and let our
smart friends play
and the dumb 
work with love
taking care of the old
or picking up the garbage
or other useful things
that keep the promise of
mankind moving forward
when everybody is on
the same team

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