Monday, 25 January 2016

Negativity never made a letter you could post

As many may know
I have a degree in History
some will laff
others will
but in reality
it means something

I know something about
how humans organized
killed each other
and did it again
better than the
no educated

Today it seems everyone
is taking the shortcut
just kill
without speak
because the noise
in their
heads has no translation
no sympathy
no chance for reclozation
and that is going to bring
sooner or later
a big nuclear
response on
a stupid ass

then the protal is open
and everone with a nuke
is a world leader
and no one will have a plan
bring it on

So the future of humanity
on this globe
will be in the hand
of someone
of the worst kind
and is that  not the nightmare
that exists today
so intead of building missle defence
try working orn a team
to reach strange heads

The world is now dependetnt on
the last indivdual feeling comfortable
and thats a high standard
but given  human resouse

nopuy mpo mpou ytsmy

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