Saturday, 2 January 2016

Cruel Twist of Fate Soulmate

The actual soulmates
collied one time
in a parking lot
where cars where
parked and no
one went to shop
only to  complain
which is the only
growth industry
we can make
because we have
no give and take

She was a beauty
only just minted
he was a beast
his face
still distiguised

Like an Apple device
when they got to close
some directive they never
made them connectetd

Against this trend
they both defended
and found it
kinda useless
but it gave
them both hope
that this was some
kind of cosmic joke

Job never got this
kind of test
or had the chance
to enjoy
all the magic
of such a pretense

So party A and party B
are so far apart
that you must fold
the envolpe and
it seems this has
and niether party
has a clue
as to if what when

Humans no matter how great
wonderful and powerful
fade with time
even the greateest monuments
like the pymamids are turning to

On a comsmic scale their connection
was not contact
As a measure of love decibles
they ineffectualty
callibrate ineffiently love
they beat the drums
attacking with WA spritt
 time has no comprise
and that is where
fate made a mistake
and launched a thousand
ships that
could never partake
in a reality regatta

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