Monday, 18 January 2016

Hurtinign because the planet I love no longer resemblses you

grew up dipped in green
not from ideolgyu
juist because that was
the only way to
stay alive

Jet fumes stinking up the kiwis
I love
make my feel unfaithful
and ask the question
does my love
of what I want
cause I can buy it
lead to the extection of
the human race?

Cause for some reason
we can no longer buy
we can not conncect
even though the chemicals
say this is the one
social media says
no good enough

We first noticed this problem in Singapeor
where they got most things write
but telling everyong to expect more
made the boyfriends seem like
something that needed to be developed
instead of love at first sight

So MR perfect in on TV and
facebook and they are just waiting
for me in a fantasy
that has no farts
or zits
or irrational moments
because the love they have
is all real

Good luck with all that superhuman
its going to go down historicly
the only  question that remians
if science defines love
will the world end
with a broken heart?

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