Wednesday, 27 January 2016

So sad for the CH

I think coaches are highly overated. If a player has CHaracter he needs to coach to let him play hockey. To many x and o's. I am not Bilingual but I admire Quebec. Quebec is an alternative to the man. Sure it may have flaws and have the MOb running things. But here is Ontario maybe we have rose colored glasses and just expalain away things that everyone in Quebec knows was corruption. We live on a fragile planet run on lies and superstition. I had a Ski doo my Dad bought me for my 12th birthday, it was named an ELAN. This is what it means to play hockey in Montreal. You may not be French but you better have fucking ELAN. Politicaly correct does not cut the grass. I want my Canadiens to be flying frenchman no matter what it says on the passport. FFS speaking another language is not the manhattan project. One cute girl could teach the whole team until one member married her. The ends do not justify the means, never. I do not want to win the cup and lose my soul, thats Buttman. I know we can do both. It starts at the draft. If you are property of the CH you start leaning french. We could start with kissing.

I feel like a Harperite on Trudeau morning. The cognitive dissonance letdown is hitting me like
Ruby Ridge or the wave that gave us FUKUSHIMA. Are we truly just fucked, just another data base of favorites for the corporation to mine until we have run out of polyester to buy? Cause thanks to free trade who can afford actual tickets anymore?

I have to admit the election of JT made me happy. This was I guy I put all my dreams into his holster. I know he cant draw down on everything. But on base principles he conviced me he wants Canada back. For me the TPP is the silver bullet. If he pulls the trigger on that, I will abandon all hope and go back to doing all the self destructive behaviors that characaterise my life. Its what in the olden days we called fun.

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