Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Unfinished Business

A Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson Movie without both of them. Vince plays it straight and Owen is played by Dave Franco. This movie about international road warriors on a quest to get the handshake was very funny. It cracked me up big time, often. Some very clever gags and ideas realised. sienna miller was kind of wasted by the camera looking hot but not projecting anything interesting.
It should be a breakthrough movie for Director Ken Scott.  I may be late to the parade because he already has a significant body of work. I mark comedy hard because its so hard to be funny ha has, and so many comedies are funny like a clown. 

I can not believe Rotten Tomatoes gave it 11%. This was a well crafted movie with a few flat spots and a business plot that admittedly took great liberty, however its was at the very least a solid B, and on my gut punishment better. Watch this you will laugh, and you can not say that about so much called comedy today.
3.9 Stars

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