Thursday, 11 June 2015

Salty Radocatice Real estat

I went to califonia to find sunshine without rain
just when they went dry
so I moved on to Vegas
where the billion dollar gamble
on red went green
and now all that real estate is worthless
without water
and what should I think 
from what I just seen

The world is on a precipece
with no jet pack
a BASE jump
with the wrong wind
could end cilivilzation
talk about an ill wind

We are scattered like ants
beneath a heating up magnifying glass
yett wwe  alla hhhave the ssaame inteerests
and stock portolion
if we are rich

So how to survieve when we kill the planet
daily and water is like a dessert of
of Gay in Saudi Arabia?

Kick into action my friends
because there is not challangag
that exists today science can not
its just the political winnes have'
to put their name on that IP
which means open access
for everyone
with no cable blill
and just watch what you like
cause making money 
is going to warm the planet
some way
are you in fact
a terrorist
or do you just
think a differant way
and would rather die
to continue on in the
same way

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