Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Pope for the 21st Century

The Pope smokes dope
and when he got high
he saw that Jesus
was not talking about
a place in the sky
when describing heaven
heaven is on earth for humans
on our human centered spastic
spacecraft of Plastic Fantastic
meticulously crafted
by random numbers roating
for billions of years
or 7 days in Gods time
its like dog years on and infinite
man God must be old

The Catholic Church after 2000 plus years
finally has a Pope who understands Jesus
Jesus did not care about spanking the monkey
or sleeping around
when love was sound
Jesus cared about the bankers
and the poor

and the sick
and those who had
no power to change
their lives
because the Man
had occupied the town
sold the rights to humanity
by rewriting the rules
carved in stone
to a lighter more malleable edition
written in Gold foil

Fearing irrelevance 
suffering from terminal cynicism
and hubris and a lot of diddling around
the church made a leap of faith
and got a hail Mary touchdown

The new Pope 
I don't believe
but this is a Sheppard
who wants to lead
the sheep
to a better place

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