Saturday, 6 June 2015

On Fathers Day

On Fathers day lets just celebrate
the old man
strange in adult life
but superman for the kid
and we never asked
for that kids

Some kids figure
out Dad is not a combo
of the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny
Santa Clause and Jesus Christ
others are left disappointed by the truth

My father was a really great man
the town named a school after him
even before he died to soon.
His greatness was all like Buddha
just humility and trying help
when help is hard to find
and uncertain
and not part of any teaching plan

I learned from him everything essential
about how to behave and be deferential
when the MAN came to town
but how in those moments
to plot how he would
never come around

I had the perfect Canadian Dad
he was a hockey superstar
and when I was older 
I got to play games left wing with
him even though I was pathetic
and he was Bobby Orr old school
on defence

The most important thing
I learned from him
was to be patient
try your best
but do not expect dividends
for years of study
for dog years into 
the future

Most of all my Dad loved
me just the way I was
which believe me 
is jigsaw puzzle
now fifty years incomplete

I remember him dying at the hospital
and out of the blue he said Steve
wheel me around outside for one last look
many peoples have faced a worse trail of tears
but I took that one
I never said two things
and I hope he can read them
Dad you gave me so much
but our beloved dog Ginger
which I raised from a pup
and my first car the Mini
they meant ever so much
not every Dad can or do
so much for a kid.
I love you Dad forever
I am sorry I can never
be the same Dad to my

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