Monday, 1 June 2015

Chicago on the brink of another Stanley Cup

I do not believe in luck. I believe in random chance but luck as most understand it is being in a place to accept an opportunity. Chicago has done that and more and must now be considered the template to win the cup. You have to tank, you have to get at least one player who can score all the time when the world is upside down and the rest of the team can not bring that keel rightside. In the case of Chicago they have two players like that, thats a fact. They have a brilliant one and two on D that make up for the rest who are good to ok. Goal is a weakness in a Carey Price universe but the Hawks have proven, you do not always have to build out from your goal to win. I am a Montreal fan but love to see teams that play offensive hockey and relegate the defence to another place do well. Thats the way Montreal won 24 cups and if Chicago keeps going their way, and we keep going the Devils way they will catch us before we win another.

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