Tuesday, 2 June 2015

PIgs at a trowf not even described and invisible to scrutiny

Yah servants of the Queen with a Royal get out a jail card. Blessed is Canada my country but for the most part is has been ruled by absolute nitwits,
now I may pick and choose the guns I want to fire
but in World War One we had the Ross rifle which was useful in battle as a bayonet holder, we had Sir Sam Hughes cash in on that, and we still call him Sir,
Next disaster to hit the Canadian people via the ideological highway was the cancellation of the Avvro Arro. Examine it round or flat it killed a huge sector
of advanced thinking and production that we could have owned as a small country. Moving forward killing the National Energy Plan was close to treason
and I do not know how to desperate that statement from full treason without
getting the BMPM lawyers all over me. We gave up being Norway on steroids
for a Exxon dividend payed everywhere,.

Those ships of conservative Desiree have sailed way over our head
and hit bottom all over this country destroying good jobs
and the Canadian way of life, which was humble
but it was not wage slavery

We can repair this breach of the social contract. Its not because we are special.
Its because we have water and food. The whole world wants this more than bitumen, or sparkle or potash. You see fertilising a field without water is a Null

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