Saturday, 6 June 2015

Going Down on Ukes

Ukes on the praries
women more fair
than the Wheat Marketing Board
and now Harper has dimisished
both of their beauty
just to get a few votes
from those who speak up for
but have never been self employed

Ukanie and Russia in history seem to be like fabric
and fabric softener. The fabric wants it so much but the softner
is dead at the end of the cycle.

Whats going on now in Ukranie is a chess match, were the citizens are the pawns and the endgame is nebulous.

We in Canada sit in judgement of a world we can never understand. Democracy six times zones away may blow the average Canadian mind
so speak not to me of democracy, speak to me of rights
and its pretty clear in this circumstance
in the Ukraine Putin has Harper dead in his sights.
By any standards the world is corrupt. It make Game of Thrones look like
a purity playbook. Every nation does the old tut tut, but now more than ever
the skeletons come out of the closet. The internet has exceed the bandwith of democracy. Well not perfect its bringing goverment to the majority.
We live in a world that is total illusion based upon our best economic witchdoctors degree
in authourity.
It means nothing really
as the GWb authority established
If the president says it
its reality.

Everyone knows this is bullshit
but we have been living on bullshit
for such a long time
we are afraid to sample the sweet truth

The whole world has learned by example
and do not be naive when they could not
learn fast enough aggressive learning was applied

Econmics is as much a science as astroggy
with the execption that some economists
can make relevant arguments
but the world does not need to know that
and so it goes and so it goes

Your life absent your children
unless you are a member of the 1%
is dependent on a false set of facts
Who do I confess to!

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