Friday, 12 June 2015

The Calculas of winning

The calculus of winning is complicated
but some know the answer
ask Charlie Sheen

Everything is an equation
and for those counting
on toes and fingers
must always have
a sum
equalling ten

Math baby Math
huge amounts of Math
spoken by cunning linguists
tickle our economy
and map out on a grid
our lives
and our wallets
and determine just how
much of our pockets
can be picked
like fruit
its a vineyard of
and we are being harvested
by the MAN

If the MAN screw up a calculation
its a revolution
and they must 
send in the teachers
to get the vines
green and ready
to produce

Math baby math
its always the same
you calculate something
and that is retained
if you own the formula
you are self explained

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