Thursday, 28 May 2015

Flush the Harper Turd TPP

Free Trade is a great economic idea. In practise it has become a race to the bottom. Now with the TPP it has become a clever way for the MAN to use lawsuits to eliminate even basic protections or power of governments to regulate business. It should be called the Ferengi .Trade Mistake.mistake

The most successful intellectual property rights developer in Canadian history says the deal turns Canada into a intellectual farm team for the the USA pro MAN team. The Harper team negotiated a deal so lousy it can not be believed. For example in 5 years Canada will have to allow Japanese cars duty free. The USA gets 30 years protection. WTF!!!!!! The document is chock full of Canada bending over for no good reason. Harper sold us out.

The Honourable Chystia Freeland wants to hear from Canadians.

Please leave a comment on the 24th (with a bullet now) most influential Internet lawyers blog. My suggestion below. Then email the minister with the link.

How about we shred this 30,000 page permanent prison document, shape it into a giant dildo, and stick it up Harper's ass for permanent archiving.