Saturday, 2 May 2015

Loving Cup

when the shit decision comes down
no matter how bad it stinks
the master thinks its
good and the people and player
scurry like ants in a magnifying glass
to make this will a fact.

This is life from our parents at the first
level then our council person
leading to the mayor
and next our member of regional council
who wants to be in the state Assembly or in
Canada a MPP
After that we have the feds who rule everything
because they have our money and tell us how
to spend it on their personal shiney things

There was a time when leaders could be fallible
and cabinet ministers fell on their swords
when the government fucked up
but today a billion dollar disaster
that could have been seen
from zero altitude is treated
as a branding opportunity
to place another tattoo
on the lizard brain
 with laminating opportunities to the horizon
for the media virtual and hard printing company
that is the paid media today
who has increasingly only one good customer

1 comment:

  1. I worry about the future every day. Not for me I am solid but my children and grandchildren are going to living mad max.
    We need a global plan to ensure the future of this humanity. I firmley believe we are only the latest edition
    of tech supereros to live on this planet. I think on the civiliazation score compared to the evidence we will be judged
    for all time as a Dan Qualye administratin.