Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Goverment by showbusiness

Its nothing new. The war hero is more valuable on the bond field than the battlefield. This week the mind reels absorbing how far we have come. All those military spectacles at sports events are paid advertising. Yes the billionaire owners managing mostly temporary millionaires are receiving millions of dollars a year each to stage military pageantry at the big game. 

Remember the movie Zero Dark Thirty, which begot the even more odious American Sniper, well both are way closer to fiction than truth. In the case of the killing of Osama Bin Laden the truth may never come out. The best scenario I can piece together is that Osama was being held prisoner by the Pakistani Secrect Service. Someone squealed and got the $25 million dollar reward. Obama ordered a prison break, that went bad. Osama was supposed to have been killed in Afghanistan. The torture yeilded zip, the telecoms magic, zip. It was greed that got Osama. Perhaps the war on terrorism would be more effective if we just spent half the money on bribes?

The world used to reflect reality, now its swims in manufactured facts.

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