Thursday, 21 May 2015

Arguing it flat or round

I mostly stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh when he went cold turkey.  Love him or hate him he was extremely skilled at making nonsense credible and intellectually entertaining.

I had never heard Micheal Savage before this week. Certainly I had heard about him. Calling him a right wing version of Rush Limbaugh is an understatement. Savage is a complicated character, smarter and more compelling than Rush but lacking the humour. They share an absurd Randian view of the world that is a proven failure. Also in common the belief that Gays, Feminists and Hippies have runied the world.

This week he has been saying things I agree with.

1) ISIS is an CIA front. They took over Rushbaldi, captured another huge cache of American weapons with the ease of you cutting your lawn. The huge half mile long victory parade on a clear sunny day was a spectacular target. Yet not one drone missile fell on this opportunity. Of course no one could have expected ISIS would have a victory parade after a major victory. 

2) Medical pot is the real thing.

He also made a real nice argument that Obama is using NAZI tactics to take over America. At its core its all nonsense but he skillfully weaves the parallels of the rise of the Gestapo with the rise of US Federal Police. In this scenario the rioters in Baltimore are the brown shirts and Eric Holder is Goebbels. The plan is to weaken local police forces, just like the NAZI did and give power to federal thugs.

For the most part he sounds like a lucid maniac but I do enjoy his scthicck.


  1. Re: med pot. About 10% of the population is interested in long term pot use. Pot use peaks in the high anxiety years.

    About 10% of the population has long term PTSD (everybody gets it short term from high stress/danger events). Most of that PTSD is from child abuse. About 20% of the population has the genetics for long term PTSD.

    Do the math. And then ask: why is there no serious discussion in America of PTSD from child rearing practices?

    1. I feel pot is far safer than Ritianall or other drugs given in mass quantities to children. The best plan is to eliminate child abuse, and be drug free.

  2. I can give you a hint. If it was a general topic of discussion the WODs would be over.

    Let me add that 70% of female heroin users were sexually abused in childhood. - Dr. Lonny Shavelson. That is another topic that is not discussed. Dr. S found the number in boys was 50%. But that may be due to under reporting.