Monday, 30 March 2015

When leaders defeat pander bears everyone wins!

Forty years ago today

Pierre Elliot Trudeau

passed into law

a best practise

that was not only scientific

it also took great political courage

Cold turkey Canadian would

now be forced to take their temperature in Celsius

thus exiting the club of measurement stupidity

whose members explain the shame

no longer would Canada be measured by

the feckless approach to civilisation

practised by

United States, Liberia, Brunei, Yemen, Burma.

Fourteen years later the great betrayer lying Brain Mulroney

who many suspect was a CIA mole surrendered to the wedge and the pander bear.

Metricfication became voluntary for who knows best about

how to measure than the measured.

The pander and wedge politics practised by

Mulroney and perfected by Harper

have left Canada much poorer

in recklessly spent opportunity costs

where due diligence did

not even require a Napkin

Trudeau was right on the NEP

the proof is in Norway

Trudeau was right on NAFTA

the proof is in Mexico

Trudeau was right

about the government being in the

bedrooms of the nation

the proof is in Indiana.

Where if you do not know

they just passed a Christian version

of Shaira Law

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